Why Do Many Presentations Fail?

Why do many Presentations fail? In this short post, we will try to analyze the several several reasons why a presenter can fail a presentation.


Media and visuals play an important role in making the presentation a success or fail. It is one of the tools to convince audience about the materials and about the seriousness of the topic that is being presented. With the used media content audience can be able to feel, see, and listen to the topic closely. So when the presentation fails, the visuals are a thing to be reviewed in order to find out where the error were made. Think about were the visuals convincing enough, whether they were attractive and not boring, whether the animations, pictures, videos or audios added in the presentation were even suitable?


In order to convince people (of course this is not an easy task to do) a presenter should be well-prepared mentally and physically. She or he should master the topic that is going to be presented. The presenter should be confident in order to convince people. Imagine, when someone persuades you to do something while he himself is even not sure about what he said? Are you going to be easily convinced? Definitely not. That is also what is going to happen if the presenter is not confident.

Source / Content

A great presentation also needs serious source materials in order for the presentation to be up-to-date. So, it is better to prepare and research materials that are relevant and not outdated. A great presenter must also prepare and think what kind of questions are going to be asked by the audience.

In conclusion, there are many factors that can be reviewed in order to help the presenter. By finding out the errors and mistakes from the previous failures you can be well-prepared for your next successful presentation in the near future.